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Ecosprin is the brand name for aspirin which is used to treat pain and fever and inflammation which have now become an additional burden to deal with like our day to day working problems to solve. Various medications are available in the market, out of which aspirin can be considered as our first choice. Apart from these common problems aspirin can be taken to treat some specific diseases like Kawasaki Diseases and Rheumatic fever and also aspirin can be used to prevent strokes. Here we will be discussing various aspects related to aspirin like uses of aspirin, side effects of aspirin, where and what to keep in mind before I order aspirin online.

General information regarding Aspirin and how does it works

Aspirin is a Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) which works by suppressing the level of different enzymes (prostaglandins) which are responsible for creating different symptoms in our body like fever, pain and inflammation. Aspirin not only can be used for common conditions like fever and headache but also useful to prevent blood clotting and reduce the chance of heart attack.

How can I take aspirin

Aspirin is an oral medication which can be taken through mouth. The medicine is absorbed rapidly depending on the condition of the patient and starts working within 1 hour and reaching its peak within 1-2 hour after administration. One of the variants which is most commonly taken is Ecosprin 150 mg. One can easily buy aspirin online or from a nearby drug without any prescription.

What to keep in mind before i buy aspirin (Side Effects and Interaction)

Although one of the most common medications as an anti-inflammatory drug, aspirin does have some side effects and is known to interact with different substances in our body if present. Various aspirin side effects are mentioned below:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Pain
  • Confusion and Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness
  • Swelling of tissue
  • Reye Syndrome

Apart from various side effects, Aspirin is known to interact with a number of substances in our body which can create various conditions in our body. A common example of these interactions is the low level of Vitamin C absorption due to aspirin.


Aspirin if not taken in a limited dose can lead to overdose whose effects can be very lethal in our body. Aspirin should be kept out of reach from children to avoid any overdose or poisoning.

What is the exact amount of Aspirin that i can take and who can take aspirin daily

Based on various sources, we can say that the ideal amount of aspirin which a person can take without having any side effects or overdose is between 150-250 mg. One can easily buy aspirin online because the drug does not require any prescription. However we would recommend you to take medicine after consulting a doctor first to get the exact dosage in your prescription before you order aspirin online COD. The best variant which is available is Ecosprin 150 mg which is commonly available at every nearby drug store or at any specified online store.

Where can I and why should I buy it

You can buy aspirin online or from a nearby drug store to treat a number of condition and for someone who has an increased risk of having a heart attack due to diabetes or smoking or due to any reason should take aspirin daily. Aspirin can be available at every nearby store or at any online store from which you can easily order Ecosprin online via COD. However one should always consult a doctor first, depending on the condition he will get the right amount to be taken and then afterwards get the medicine.

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