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Alphalan 2mg capsule is consumed to treat ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma (a type of cancer associated with bone marrow). It may also be prescribed to treat additional conditions, as concluded by the doctor/physician. It Contains melphalan 2mg in its composition. It is manufactured in Natco Pharma Ltd. You should store alphalan 2mg tablets in the refrigerator between 2 – 8°C. Make sure not to freeze it.Before consumption, tell your doctor if you have liver, bleeding problems, or kidney problems or are taking any treatments to treat other infections. Many other treatments can affect or be influenced by this medicine.

So, let your doctor know all the medicinal drugs you are using at present. This medicine is not recommended during certain health conditions. Hence, it is advised not to buy melphalan without prescription.

Uses of melphalan 2 mg Tablet

In Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that initiates in the female organs that propagate eggs (ovaries). This type of cancer usually takes a long time to get detected and becomes fatal due to late treatment. It spreads to the stomach and pelvis.

Alphalan 2mg tablet kills the expansion of cancer cells and also prevents its multiplication. It is a beneficial medicine and has some side-effects like any other medications that may be troublesome to patients. So, it is better to discuss the risks and benefits of alphalan tablets with your doctor. One must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while taking this medicine. Alcohol and other liquor must be avoided during the treatment.

In Multiple myeloma

If you suffer from multiple myeloma, then your body destroys bone sooner than it is being replaced. This makes your bones weaker and more plausible to break. This condition can be very painful for the patient. Your physician may suggest getting alphalan 2mg cod by fast delivery services. Before you order alphalan cash on delivery, do check availability of cheap melphalan meds online to get a better deal.

Alphalan 2mg may be prescribed, along with additional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy. It is a significant part of your treatment that increases the survival rate of people suffering from multiple myeloma. This medicine kills the cancerous cells and staves off their further growth as well as scattering to other parts of the body.


Follow exact instructions given by your doctor to get the most advantage from the treatment.

Alphalan 2mg pills should be taken on an empty stomach. Taking it daily at the same time would be beneficial. Your physician will decide the right dose percent that you require, and how often you should take it depending on what you are being treated for, dosage may alter from time to time. Taking it in an improper way or overconsuming can cause serious consequences. It may take several days or months to feel the benefits of treatment. Do not stop taking pills unless your doctor instructs you to. It tends to make skin extra sensitive towards sunlight, use sunscreen or an item of protective clothing when you step out in the sun.

Calcium supplements and Vitamin D3 are useful and can be prescribed in case of low blood calcium levels.

Side effects

The most common side effects of the alphalan include vomiting, anaemia (low number of red blood cells), and nausea. Its consumption may reduce the blood cell number in your blood which increases the exposure to infections. Thereby, regular blood tests should be carried out to check your blood cell numbers, heart, kidney, and liver functions during the treatment process.


Buy melphalan 2mg online to treat the symptoms and spread of ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma. Keep yourself up to date with your checkup routines. Your condition can be controlled with proper treatment.


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